Have you ever reached a time in your life when you thought, if I want to achieve more I need to change my life and change the way I am doing things?

I remember someone telling me once the definition of a fool was someone who kept carrying out the same actions but expected different results!

I therefore decided if I ever wanted to achieve different outcomes in my life I had to carry out different actions and change what I was doing and I have now done this a few times.

After leaving school I went to work in the Midland Bank (now HSBC), I met my wife while working there so it wasn’t all bad!! I worked in various branches around Birmingham but when TSB (now LLoydsTSB) went Public I thought progress up the banking ladder would be quicker there. So I applied for a job and was offered a position in the Birmingham area which I acccepted. Little did I realise at the time that TSB’s “Birmingham Area”, included South Wales and my first posting was to swansea, where I had never been.

However after the inital shock and having visited the area and discovered some lovely areas including the Gower Peninsula I was happy to accept and with my wife we moved to Swansea. After about a year I received a promotion and was transferred to Cardiff. By this time I had completed my banking exams, was an Associate of the Institute of Bankers and got my first managerial position.

Life was good, you might think and in some ways it was, but banking was changing and I felt I was rapidly being turned into an insurance salesman and being targetted to chase short term commissions rather than building a longer term banking relationship with my customers. Now I have nothing against Insurance salesmen, if that’s what you want to do, great, but I decided it was not for me and I also had a desire to work for myself.

So in 1990 I entered the scary world of self employment. You might think that with my experience and background I went into something financial but no, I went into the……. greeting card business ! I was always amazed how much a card cost, after all it was only a piece of card with a picture on, so I decided there must be some money to be made in the card business ! After 10 years I sold the card business and started a vending business. Vending machines are great, they work away for you 24/7 never call in sick apart from the occasional breakdown, and never want to go on holiday!

A few years ago I started to investigate internet marketing from two aspects really. Firstly running an actual businesss on the internet meant you had none of the traditional overheads and potential headaches of a traditional “bricks & mortar” business and secondly if you did have a traditional business how could you use the internet to attract more customers and make more sales?

Its both these aspects of businesss that I will be exploring and talking about on my blog and I will be delighted if you want to share in my experiences and findings.

Please also let me know if there are any aspects of internet marketing that you need help with and I will do my best to find solutions for you.