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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building An EMail List – Part 2

4: PROMOTING IRRELEVANT PRODUCTS It’s important to develop a relationship with your subscriber base, because the more that your list members trust you and the product recommendations that you make, the easier it will be to convert those subscribers into repeat customers. Every email you send should strengthen the relationship between you and your subscriber. [...]


7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building An EMail List – Part 1

1: NOT USING A PROFESSIONAL AUTORESPONDER.  Once you start building your email list it is difficult to change things over at a later stage and you will loose subscribers if you have to ask them to subscribe to a new service. It is important therefore that before you start building your list you choose a [...]


Building A Profitable EMail List – Part 3

Make your emails personal. Imagine yourself writing to one person and use language that you’d use if writing to just one person at a time. Don’t address your readers as a group. For example, “I know many of you…”  Address your subscriber as that one important individual they are. The language is far more powerful. [...]


Building A Profitable Email List – Part 2

When sending out your email messages keep your messages short, simple and focused on one thing at a time. This allows your readers to quickly absorb your message and decide whether or not to take action on your call to action. Many people think that if they offer more content, more sections, etc. they are [...]


Building A Profitable EMail List – Part 1

You’ve probably heard. “The money is in the list” But that’s really only part of the story and the real truth is: The money is in a targeted list of people that you create a trusted relationship with and successfully sell stuff to. ….and none of those 3 things (building a list / trusting relationship [...]

Building A Profitable EMail List - Part 1