Benefits Of EMail Marketing

Benefits of email marketing

People who have taken the trouble to join your email list, and that usually also means they have confirmed their subscription, are interested in you or your subject topic. You now have the opportunity to enhance your credibility by providing your readers with top quality information that will help them. That in turn means when you inform them about a certain product they are much more likely to purchase that product knowing that you are recommending it.

It has been said that it takes seven contacts with a person before they are ready to buy. Being able to email your prospects on a regular basis gives you that opportunity and is very cost effective.

Most autoresponder or email companys will provide you with statistics about your emails. You will be able to tell how many were opened and what links were clicked. This will enable you to test different headlines and different ways of presenting information to your readers to ascertin which was most successful.

Being able to email your subscribers at the press of a button should not be abused but it does give you the opportunity to advise them when new information has been entered on your website or blog. This information should of course be relevant and useful to your customers but it can result in increased traffic to your site and the chance to have even more interaction with your readers.

So email marketing can be a great, low cost, effective way of improving your credibility, making more sales and helping your customers, a true win win situation.

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