Building A Profitable EMail List – Part 4

As far as I am concerned integrity and honesty are two of the most important aspects when communicating with and building your email list.

If you are promoting something to your list and if in the past you have provided your readers with good solid information they will not mind when you promote a product especially if you have taken the time to research the product and you believe it is something that will help your readers.

They will appreciate you have made the effort to review the product and cast a critical eye over it. In fact they will probably view you as “the expert” and they expect you to provide good recommendations that can help them in their business or whatever “field” you are operating in.

When you are reviewing a product don’t assume it will be “right” for all your readers. Break it down and identify who the product will suit eg. beginners or people more advanced, what shortcomings the product might have and what problem you think it will solve or how it will help your readers.

So be honest with your review, give the negatives but show how they are outweighed by the positives and you will build even more trust with your readers 

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