How Do I Set Up A Account

You may be asking why do I want to set up a account ?

Well is what is known as a bookmarking site and as well as storing your own bookmarks there ( much like you might add to your favorites in internet explorer) that you will be able to access from any computer,  it is also a very highly regarded site in the eyes of Google and bookmarking your own business sites can help with getting them indexed and ranked.

Now doing this by itself will not boost your rankings that much but it is certainly one of the first bookmarking sites you should be using.

STEP 1: Create an Account at

 Click Register

 STEP 2: Enter Details

 Type the details requested in the following text boxes:
 full name
 re-type password

 Click Register

 STEP 3: Install Buttons

 Click Install Buttons Now
 Click Run
 After starting the installer, close any Internet Explorer windows.
 Your browser will automatically open again when the installation is complete
 Follow instructions provided by

Buttons for Internet Explorer Setup Wizard

STEP 4: Using Buttons

 Click Tag when you find something on a Web page you want to save 

 This is similar to Windows Internet Explorer’s “Add to Favorites”

  Type your own description or title in Description box
 Type notes or comments to add to the page before saving it
 Add Tags before saving
  Choose words that are meaningful to you
 Separate tags with a space
 Click Save
 Click to see your saved pages
 This is similar to Windows Internet Explorer’s “Favorites”

STEP 5: Highlight Text

 Highlight text from a Web page you want to save
 Click Tag icon on toolbar

 Type tags (one-word descriptors) in the Tags text box
 Click Save

STEP 6: Save a Page

 Click down arrow next to icon
 Click Bookmark this on

STEP 7: Viewing Posts on

 You can view the list of hot items currently on
 Click the link of a post that interests you
 Click Popular or Click Recent
 Click on a link below Tags to find a keyword that interests you

STEP 8: Networking

 Add Someone to Your Network Option 1
 Click Your Network
 Type the username of the person you want to add to your network into the text box
 Click Add

 Add Someone to Your Network Option 2
 Click on Username of person who posted
 Click Add [username] to your network

 Delete Someone from Your Network
 Click the “x” to the right of the username you want to delete
 The shading around the “x” will be a light grey until you put the mouse pointer over it
 Click Yes

STEP 9: Save a Link for Someone in Your Network

 Click Tag

 Click the Username of the person in your network to whom you want to send the link

STEP 10: View Links Others in Your Network Saved for You

 Click Links for You

STEP 11: Change Settings

 Click Settings

 Account Settings
 Click on the account setting you want to change

 Click Import/Upload
 to transfer a copy of bookmarks stored in Windows Internet Explorer’s “Favorites” to or
 to upload bookmarks exported from or a different service—must be in a standard bookmarks format
 Click Export/Backup
 to save a list of all your bookmarks as an HTML page to import into your browser
 Click Private Saving
 to hide your individual bookmarks from other users
 Click RSS Feed License
 to determine how, if at all, you want to share your bookmarks
 Click Facebook Integration
 If you have a Facebook account, you can publish information about your bookmarks to your Facebook profile.
 Click Network Badges
 Copy and paste the code provided at the bottom of the page to your hypertext to display details about your network on your website
 Click Link Rolls
 Copy and paste the code provided into to display your latest bookmarks on your website
 Click Tag Rolls
 Copy and paste the code provided at the bottom of the page to display your tags on your website
 Click Daily Blog Posting
 to post entries to your blog every day of your latest links

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