How Do I Set Up an Autoresponder Series in Aweber

Once you have opened an accout at Aweber and set up your first list, follow these instructions to set up a series of emails.

STEP 1: Select List

 Select list you want to send broadcast to
 Managing List: This shows which list you are on
 Change List: Use the dropdown option to choose a different list
STEP 2: Create Autoresponder Message
 Click Messages –  Follow Up

You should now be taken to where you can create your first message. If you already created your first message when setting up the list, simply click the Add New Message option to create the second in the series.
 Fill in the information requested.
 Message:  How many days after initial signup will the message be delayed?
 Click Tracking:  Check this box if you would like to track the number of times your links are clicked.
 Template: Choose the template you would like your message to appear in, if any.
 Personalization Fields:  Insert personal information wherever the cursor is placed.
 Subject: Enter the email subject line here.
 Text Message:  Enter your message here.

 STEP 3: Preview & Save Message
 Click the Preview button to preview your message
 Clicking the edit button will allow you to edit your message.
 Once satisfied, click the Save button
If you have more messages to add to this series, repeat the above steps.

If you havn’t got an Aweber account you can sign up by clicking here

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