“Content” Is A Lot More That Just Articles

Many business owners mistakenly believe that “content” means only articles or just written text. Not so at all. The Internet marketing definition of content has come a long way compared to just a few years ago. In addition to articles, video, audio, podcasts, reports and ebooks can propel your website to the top of the search engine charts and make it interesting to customers who are tired of the same old text content format.

But before we get into details of distribution, let’s talk a bit about brainstorming content ideas. Because this is often the tripping point for many business owners, here are a few tried and true strategies to generate content ideas:

• Ask your audience.  Simply set up a poll, survey or questionnaire on your website. Getting readers to participate can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. To know what your customers want to read about, make the poll or survey mandatory in order to access certain areas of your website.

• Research your frequently asked questions or ask your virtual assistant to go through the questions they hear the most from customers and website visitors.  This is great material for content.

• Visit online forums and chat rooms and read the most popular threads.  The threads people are passionate about are sure to make for excellent content topics.

• Create lists or step-by-step content.  People enjoy and value lists or step-by-step type articles. They’re easy to digest, share, and keep for future reference making them very valuable to your readers.

• The Internet can be an impressive research tool. Visit industry or competitors’ websites to discover what’s being talked about. Determine if your target market can benefit from your personal take on the matter and then follow through by writing content crafted around the hot topic.

• Build on current hot topics. Content based around current events can be very popular. Take advantage of these timely opportunities.

• See what’s already popular on various content sites (EzineArticles.com, YouTube.com, iTunes.com, etc.). No need to reinvent the wheel when you can already see what people want.

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