Use Reports & Ebooks To Distribute Your Content

Ebooks and reports provide one more tool for content distribution and promotion.  They’re also an excellent tool for generating credibility and additional profits. 

It’s not uncommon for business owners to find the idea of writing special reports and Ebooks intimidating- especially if they don’t have faith in their own writing abilities. If you share the same sentiment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have someone else ghostwrite your material.

In fact, even though you’d be paying someone to do all the research and writing for you, in the long run, you may actually end up making more money that way. Ebooks take time to research and create. For business owners who have more talent making profits, that time is better spent advertising their products, services and business.

While developing Ebooks and special reports may take a little more time and effort than you are used to putting into shorter articles, the benefits can be great. Generally speaking, printable documents often have carry a perceived higher value than text that is simply read on a page.

 Writing genuinely useful reports and Ebooks can almost automatically establish you as an expert in the minds of your audience. Readers will come to trust your input in the industry in which you operate and will likely come back to your website for more of your content, especially if you have been generous enough to offer your insight for free.

 TIP: Think outside the box. In addition to reports and ebooks, you can create useful items like worksheets, spreadsheets, patterns and more.

Distribution Tips:

  • Treat your reports and Ebooks like a viral marketing tool. Make their content something that readers feel the need to share with others. If you take the time to make your content something that can’t be kept a secret, your reports and Ebooks will be passed along, exposing your business to people who you couldn’t reach otherwise. The result may be increased profits simply by writing detailed, great content.

 Consider having your reports and Ebooks distributed by other website owners, as one-way inbound links can only help your business’s search engine rank. You can do this through your affiliate program and allow affiliates to brand the documents with their affiliate link. Or if you don’t have an affiliate program, you can also distributors to co-brand the reports with both your company’s information.

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