How Do I Set Up My Business On The Internet – Part 1

You will probably be aware that setting up your business on the internet is not as easy as just setting up a website and waiting for the traffic to roll in.
You need to have a marketing plan in place for your site to really work for you but that does not mean you have to spend a lot of money employing people to do the work, there are many things you can do yourself.

The first thing to think of is your website itself.   A lot of businesses spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds or dollars havimng a website built with all sorts of bells and whistles, but most businesses do not need a complex and expensive website.

A 1-5 page website that tells people a little bit about your company and products, offers contact information and collects visitor details is all that you will need to get started.

You will need to be certain your website is optimized for Google and the other search engines. Ensure that you use phrases that relate to your business in page titles and content but you must make sure the content of your pages is readable to real people, after all they are the ones buying your products not the search engines!

Your site should look clean, professional and attractive so you can let potential customers know that your company can be trusted. If your website is poorly put together it will not present a good impression of your company or business.

Once your site is up online you will want to start getting traffic or visitors. Now you can pay for traffic from services such as Google adwords but I would not recommend that to start with. You can quickly lose a lot of money if you do not know what you are doing and learning to use Google adwords is a whole course byitself.

So to begin with I recommend you attract free traffic from the search engines and the way to start doing that is to ensure you have important words in your titles and page content.

Lets go through an example to make things clear.

Lets say you are a firm of Accountants in Cardiff. Some words and phrases that people might type into the search engines might be:

Cardiff accountant
accountants in Cardiff
Bookkeeping Cardiff
Tax return Cardiff
VAT returns Cardiff

Now these are just a few of the keywords you might want to use to help people find your site in the search engines.

You’ll also want to make sure your site shows up when someone searches for the name of your business, so you will need to include that in you page title.

So your page title might be –

Smith & Jones – Accountants in Cardiff – VAT & Tax Returns.

or something similar

That would give you your company’s name along with several keyword phrases in your title. You should also include those same keyword phrases in the content of your page.

Now its important to realise that the search engines do not rank websites they rank webpages and so if I was a firm of Accountants in Cardiff I would devote a whole page to “tax returns for Cardiff businesses” and a whole page to “VAT returns for Cardiff Businesses”  etc and you should do the same for whatever type of businesss you run.

Now in part 2 I will go into how you can attract local visitors, people in your geographical area,  to your website so keep you eyes peeled for that.


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