How Do I Set Up My Business On The Internet – Part 2

In Part 1 of  “how do I set up my business on the internet”  I discussed general search engine optimisation strategies that you need to put in place for your website but if you have a business that serves your local community there are other things you should be doing to attract local customers. Google currently often displays local results before the normal organic listings and you have to submit your business to “Google Places” to appear in these listings.

As an example, search Google for “Cardiff SEO” and there is a good chance you will see at the top of the page a “Google places” listing for I say a good chance because Google does not present the same results all the time, one day it might be there the next day they may not show any “places” listings, it’s all part of the great Google mystery! but one thing is certain if you are not listed in Google places you will not show up when they do decide to show those results. My feelings are, and I have no scienific evidence for this, but they do seem to be showing local listings more and more, so it is certainly something you want to take the time to do.

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When people are searching for local businesses another type of site that often appears on the first page are “directory sites”. When for example I search for “Cardiff Accountant” in the UK,, www.freeindex and appear, so you want to ensure that your site is listed in these directories. There is often a free option that you can upgrade to paid later if you find you are getting traffic from this source. So search for your type of business plus the location and browse through the first few pages of results and get your site listed in any directorys that appear.

In Part 3 of  “how do I set  up my business on the internet ” I will go into using Social marketing and offline promotion to attract more customers to your website so keep a look out for that 


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