How Do I Set Up My Business On The Internet – Part 3

As we have already discussed setting up your business on the internet is not just setting up a website. While that is the first step, these days you need to be doing a lot more and in parts 1 & 2 we have gone over some of the things you should be concentrating on, In this post I want to touch briefly on   “social marketing”  ( click here for more detailed posts on social marketing) and other ways to market your website.

Many companies thing social marketing wouldn’t benefit them, and sometimes that’s true.  But if your major demographic happens to be under 40, social marketing is potentially a fantastic tool.

Facebook and Twitter are both great for keeping in touch with your customers.  Set up a fan page on Facebook and get your company a Twitter account.  Then start adding friends by searching for people in your local area.

You should also promote your internet business website offline. Think about local papers, local radio when your budget allows it, posters and flyers can all work. You can also tell your existing customers as they will tell other people and word of mouth is a great recommendation.

Another important part of setting up your business on the internet is to build a list of customers and potential customers. That way you can stay in regular contact thereby cementing loyalty and hopefully encouraging them to buy from you.
Check out this great resource for helping you to set up your business on the internet


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