How To Attract Online Customers To Your Offline Business – Part 2

Getting visitors to your website –

If you have got as far as putting up a website for your business you will now be thinking about how to attract visitors to your website. Well one great way is by giving away a report detailing some useful information to the people in your niche or searching for your type of business.

Now these reports or articles can be in various formats, as simple as a word document or even better would be a pdf document. You could even create a podcast or video with the same information but I will cover doing that at a later date.

Lets cover an example to make things a little clearer.

Follwing on from my last article,  let’s keep with the plumbing example. You have created your report entitled “5 tips to keep your central heating system operating efficently”  now last time I talked about providing this as a pdf download from your own website in exchange for your visitors email address and that is something you certainly want to do.

However, here we are talking about actually attracting customers to your website and the simple fact is there are other websites out there that have more authority than yours and information you put on these sites will appear higher in the search engine rankings than your own site.

So the idea is you put your information on these sites, potential customers find your information, like what you are saying and click through to your site to find out more. You therefore  want to make this information a little less complete and a little more “teasing” so people need to find out more to get the complete picture. After all if you tell them everything, they will have no reason to visit your site. So using our example you might only give away “three tips” about the central heating and you would end you report saying “to find out more vital tips visit www yourwebsite .com
I’m sure you get the idea.

Now there are many places you can post this information depending on the format, article directorys such as ezinearticles. com, file sharing sites such as and of course if you convert the content to podcasts or videos that broadens you choices even more.

 There are literally hundreds of these sites and the higher Google rates these sites means the more chance you have got of your information appearing high up in the search results.

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