How To Get More Visitors To Your Website – Part 2

How To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Following on from my last article about link building it is important to note that while nobody knows 100% how the search engines view backlinks when ranking websites it is generally accepted that not all links, count toward your search engine rankings.

For example, search engines know that people comment on blogs and forums for the purpose of building links, so they may not give these much weight but you should still use this method as it adds to the variety of links poiting to your site.

Also some sites use a “no follow” link which means that search engines won’t count the links at all, but they can still drive traffic, build your reputation and more. Having said that some people do think that even “no follow” links are taken into account so the important lesson here is to get links from a wide variety of places.

Here are some of the things NOT  to do when building links –

Don’t go requesting reciprocal links from every website on the planet. This might have helped several years ago, but you can be penalized for it today.  If you do engage in reciprocal links, make sure they are with related sites and make the links natural within your site. In other words, don’t just make a “Links Page” and list links. Add your partner’s link to relevant content pages or wherever it just “makes sense” to do so.

Don’t engage in comment spam. In most cases it’s a complete waste of time, because filters do a good job of catching spam comments.  It’s also a good way to make bloggers angry with you. Only add your link in the space provided for your link and don’t add links within the body of your comment, unless it’s very relevant and you know it’s acceptable to the blogger.

Don’t submit every page of your site to social news sites.  We’re talking about sites like,, etc. You’ll just end up getting ignored, and you’ll probably be banned too. A better idea is to encourage others to submit you instead.

Resist the urge to submit to every directory you run across.  There are only a few that are worth your time.  Directories that post sites without reviewing them are usually considered link farms, and their links are penalized in the search engines.

Show Restraint and Be Relevant. Avoid posting links to your site in forum posts unless they are extremely relevant to the subject at hand and is allowed. That’s what your signature is for.

Look out for my next article which goes into some of the ways you can build good links to your website but in the meantime check out the internet business start up kit by clicking here if you are thinking about starting an internet business.

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