How To Get More Visitors To Your Website – Part 3

In this, the third of my articles on getting more visitors to your website I provide a list of things you can do that will help get more backlinks to your site and attract visitors who see your links and content and click through to your site. Some of these ideas may not be for you yet if you are just starting out in internet marketing but just pick out the ones that you are comfortable with and get to work !

Submit your site to This is one of the most respected directories online, and getting listed with them can boost your traffic and search engine rankings. It’s also free, although there is no guarantee of inclusion.

Set up pages on Squidoo and HubPages. You can place your links on these pages, and if they are informative, readers will link to them or your main website

Join and participate in relevant forums. Add links to your site to your signature.

Do reviews on other sites such as and Most review sites allow links in your profile.

Submit your blog to Add tags to your posts to have them appear in more places and make them easy to find.

Design WordPress themes, website templates, etc. You can add your link to the footer, and it will appear on any blog that uses the theme or template. If you’re not technical, hire someone to make it for you.

Create a widget (with a link to your site) for visitors to put on their blogs. If it’s well designed and useful, this could bring in tons of links. Again, if you’re not technical, hire someone to do it for you.

Create profiles on popular social networking sites, and link to your site from them. Some of these will be “no follow” links, but when link building, don’t worry about this…just build good, quality links.

Provide constructive comments on other users’ social networking profiles. Any comment will link to your profile. Only link directly to your site if you can do so in a relevant manner.

Comment on blogs whose subject matter is related to your site. If you take the time to read the post and write a good, relevant comment, the blogger is likely to leave your comment and link inplace.

Create viral videos and upload them to sites such as, and include a link to your site in the description or profile. Visitors will often click the link in search of more information or entertainment.

Promote your RSS feed via the RSS aggregators this will help build more backlinks to your site.

If you take the time to carry out a few of these functions every few days you will soon have a lot of links pointing back to your site which will help with its rankings as well as attracting more visitors directly to your site

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