Internet Marketing in Cardiff – Part 1

Why “internet marketing in Cardiff” you are probably asking yourself, “surely the thing about the internet is that it is worldwide and allows you to contact customers and make sales to people all over the world”.

That is true of course, but more and more local business owners are coming to realise that they too can use the internet to contact local people and make more sales to the people that live around their business, and why Cardiff ? well the simple answer is I live in Cardiff and have done for over 20 years, I love the place and enjoy talking and meeting local businesses and showing them how they can use the internet to improve their business. So while I live and  refer to Cardiff in this article any business that deals with people “local” to their area can benefit from reading and implementing the ideas I write about.

Now onto how internet marketing can help your business. If you run Yellow Page ads or any other form of “tradition” print advertising ,you will know yourself  that those ads are not performing as well as they did a few years ago. Why is that ?

Well, what do you do if you are looking for a business or service in your area ? Most people now go to Google (there are other search engines available !)  and type in what they want together with the area they live in. So for example if you are looking for new tyres for your car, you might type in “cheap tyres Cardiff”, if you were looking for an Indian restaurant you might type in “best Indian restaurant in Cardiff ” and if you were looking for an Accountant, you might type in “Cardiff Accountant”. I’m sure you get the idea, and that’s why you need to be marketing on the internet because that’s where most people are doing their searching for local products and services and if you are not putting your business in front of them you are missing out big time!

Now if you are a business in Cardiff, or any other town or city, there are a number of points to consider here and I will cover them in my next post.

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