Internet Marketing in Cardiff – Part 2

Following on from my last post discussing internet marketing in Cardiff (or any other city or town if you are marketing to customers “local” to your area) the first thing to consider is if people type in the type of phrase we discussed in the last article, such as “Cardiff Accountant” where does your site appear in the search engines?. Bear in mind over 80% of people click on one of the first three results that appear.

Second , if your site does not appear, what can you do about it ?

Third, if your site does does come up at the top of the search engines and people are visiting your site, are you capturing their email address so you can follow up if they don’t buy from your site on the first visit? and remember not many people do buy on the first visit. You have done the hard work getting them to your site, don’t waste the opportunity, capture their email address and follow up, and there are various ways you can do that. You might want to read my posts about “building a profitable email list

Fourth, you will be aware that more and more people are searching the internet from mobile devices and that number will only grow. If you have a web site, how does that look when viewed on an iphone or ipad or any of the many other mobile devices. For example if you are a restaurant down Cardiff Bay (and there are many fine restaurants down the Bay, just a little plug for them !) and someone is visiting Cardiff Bay they may well search for  a “Chinese/Greek/Italian/whatever nationality restaurant/ Cardiff Bay, how will your website look when they view it on their iphone ?  I’m sure you agree, the one that has the information presented correctly for viewing on mobile devices is likely to get the business.

Fifth, the one constant about the internet and Google is that it is constantly changing ! You might have had a website built for you a few years ago and while it did a good job then, is the person who looks after your “internet presence”  keeping you and your website to up to date with the changes that are happening ?

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