Internet Marketing in Cardiff – Part 3

When I first started this article about internet marketing in Cardiff there was not going to be a “part 3”. However that only goes to reinforce the point I made in “part 2” about the swiftness of change on the internet and how you need to have your finger on the pulse to ensure your website and internet marketing strategy are up to date so you do not loose business to your competitiors in your local area.

Now the reason for “part 3” is to inform you that Google have implemented a change in their search results that could have a massive effect on “local business“. They have inserted their “Google Places” listings in the organic results. You may think “so what” but please understand this is a dramatic change if you are marketing to customers “local”  to your area.

Now if you don’t know what I am talking about, it basically means that while your website may have been on the first page of Google recently for the type of local search terms we have previously discussed, such as “Cardiff Accountant”, you may now find it has moved to page 2 behind the “Google Places” listings,  and how many people visit Page 2?  Not Many

Hopefully you will have been informed of this dramatic change by your internet advisor but if not, you need to take swift action to ensure this not impact your business and you start loosing customers.

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