Use Hubpages When Marketing On The Internet

When marketing on the internet you should consider using hubpages as part of your marketing strategy.

Similar to Squidoo,  Hubpages is a great site to add to your marketing mix. Hubpages is a well developed and trusted site, being established in 2006, it is one of the 100 top visited sites and receives over 20 million visitors, so as you can see it is one you should certainly consider when marketing on the internet.

You put your content into a “hub” which is published as a web page in the usual way however because of the strength of the site these pages can rank well in the search engines in their own right as well as providing a backlink to your own site.

You sign up here,,  an important thing to remember is when choosing a user name to choose something related to your niche and then create different hubs within that user name.

So for example if you were promoting your cooking site, you might sign up with a user name “lovescooking” and then within that account you could have different hubs titled, “Chinese cooking”, “Indian cooking” etc.  The name of the hubpages form part of the domain name and having the relevant keywords in the domain is important to help its search engine ranking. You would then link those hubs back to relevant pages on your site and so if a visitor liked what you wrote about Indian cooking there is a good chance they would follow the link to your site to find out more information.

In the “hub” itself you can write an article, add images and videos etc. You can even add your own adsense code , amazon links and ebay links and earn from the “hub” itself although I feel the major benefit of a hubpage is the link to your own site and the more exposure it gives to your own website.


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