Using Audio As Part Of Your Marketing

Just thinking about reading through a virtual library of articles on a website, no matter how good they are, can already making your eyes tired.  Audio and podcasts are great way to get the word out about your business and take the strain off your target market’s eyes. It’s also appealing to people who prefer to consume content and information by listening.

Some business owners make the mistake of uploading audio to their website and leaving it alone. They take it for granted that users will find their content on their own. That simply isn’t so. Audio and podcasts need publicity, just like other content on your site.

Remember to introduce yourself and the URL at the beginning and end of your recording at minimum. Make special offers where appropriate to get your listeners to take action.

If you find that you don’t have time to make the recordings yourself, you can outsource their creation. Hire someone to do interviews for you, but make sure that they positively represent your business. Familiarize them with proper interviewing techniques and coach them on how to promote your product and business during the podcast without having the podcast sound like a giant advertisement.

To get the most of your podcast offerings, consider these tips:
• Put your podcast feed up for listening on Apple’s iTunes is currently the most comprehensive online podcast directory. Take advantage of this by listing your podcasts on it so that potential customers can find them and listen to them. Make sure to include a graphic that can help listeners identify your business, like a logo. Create descriptions for each podcast and encourage reviewers to leave comments and satisfied listeners to subscribe to your podcasts.
Visit the directory to submit your podcast at:

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