7 Mistakes To Avoid When Building An EMail List – Part 1


Once you start building your email list it is difficult to change things over at a later stage and you will loose subscribers if you have to ask them to subscribe to a new service. It is important therefore that before you start building your list you choose a good professional provider.

This will help with a number of things including increased deliverability. It’s their job to maximize deliverability rates and help you connect to your subscriber base quickly and easily. They will also offer a quick check prior to sending out your email that will analyze your mailing and determine whether it’s likely to be filtered by anti-spam tools.  This enables you to quickly edit your email so that it is far more likely to be processed into your recipient’s inbox.

A Professional autoresponder will, offer backups of your database, the last thing you want after building a list is to loose it!

They will also deal with requests to unsubscribe, this helps you comply with CanSpam regulations and is done automatically.


One way of getting people to subscribe to your list is to offer them something of value. If that is your strategy don’t clutter your page with flashing banners and other things that might distract your reader.
Give them an offer that will assist them, solve a problem, address an issue, offer a way to save time, money, etc.

Make sure your offer is targetted correctly. eg if you are building a list of pet lovers don’t offer something in the “making money” field 


You should always split test your landing pages. No matter what you think, it is your readers you will make the decision and the only true way of deciding on what landing or squeeze page is working best is to test different layouts.

When split testing you should only change one thing at a time. For example, if you change the headline leave everything else the same until you determine whether tweaking your headline helps with conversion rates. Once you have decided what headline works best you can move on to another element of your page and test that.

Testing your pages can be a continual ongoing process.

I will tell you about more mistakes to avoid in my next post but if you want to learn more about building a responsive email list fast click here to check out a  great resource

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