Building A Profitable EMail List – Part 1

You’ve probably heard.

“The money is in the list”

But that’s really only part of the story and the real truth is:

The money is in a targeted list of people that you create a trusted relationship with and successfully sell stuff to.

….and none of those 3 things (building a list / trusting relationship / selling) are that difficult to do because:

a. You don’t need a huge list to get a great response.
b. Gaining trust is as simple as being honest and having your audience’s best interest in mind.
c. Using the strategies I will share with you.

To help you reach that ultimate goal, I will write about these strategies that you can use every single day.

1. Build A Targeted EMail List:

People often ask  “How can I build my list?” A very good and important question.

If you ask people who have a successful relationship with their list most of their time is not in building the list but in cultivating the trusting relationship and successfully selling to their lists. Because as I already mentioned, the size of your list is not what’s most important – it’s really what you do with that list.

You can spend all the money you want in trying to build a list, get leads and try every list-building service out there, but at the end of the day if your list isn’t targeted, you aren’t going to achieve that trusted connection that you need to get the best results.

How to build targeted lists:

– Include opt-in forms on your content pages and other places where you provide valuable information to your potential customers. If people love your content, they’re going to want more of it.

– Use your article bylines, YouTube videos, targeted advertising campaigns etc. to promote more of your free information (again, your list) instead of a product. Conversion to a product sale will be lower than getting them into an opt-in list and once you have them on your opt-in list, you can reach your prospects over and over again.

– Get your subscribers to tell their friends about you. Part of this will be accomplished naturally by creating stellar content that people will want to talk about. You might also want to create an incentive program to help encourage people to spread the word if they love what you have to say.

Keeping it targeted, often means that your list might grow a little slower than if you go gung-ho with some massive list-building service. But the thing is targeted is responsive. The alternative usually creates a large list of people who don’t know or care who you are, don’t respond and often end up filing you as spam.

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