Building A Profitable Email List – Part 2

When sending out your email messages keep your messages short, simple and focused on one thing at a time. This allows your readers to quickly absorb your message and decide whether or not to take action on your call to action. Many people think that if they offer more content, more sections, etc. they are more likely to provide something that appeals to more subscribers.

 But from my experience (and from the reports of many others), many people don’t read past the first section of your message anyway. The lower down the content appears the less people take action on what you want them to do. Whether it was to a click a link for information or to buy a product, if the information wasn’t in the first section, the response just diminished. Now this isn’t true 100% of the time if you have a fantastic offer and can write amazing copy then some people will read all your message, and of course you should always try to have fantastic offers and write amazing copy but in reality this isn’t going to happen all the time, so as with all things you need to test and see how your readers respond.

Overall, you want your readers to be trained to respond to your calls to action. And if you’re just adding extra stuff hoping to capture a few extra people, I suggest cutting out the fat and putting more effort into that first section…and make it the only section of your message.

Generally speaking the more links you provide, the less likely your reader is to take action on the link you REALLY want them to click. Stop distracting your reader from what you want them to do.

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