Building A Profitable EMail List – Part 3

Make your emails personal. Imagine yourself writing to one person and use language that you’d use if writing to just one person at a time. Don’t address your readers as a group. For example, “I know many of you…”  Address your subscriber as that one important individual they are. The language is far more powerful.

For example, if you write: “I know many of you are looking for a…”

As opposed to…

“I know you are looking for a…”

Which do you think is more powerful? In the first case, your reader can immediately exclude themselves from the offer because you said “many”. That might not include that particular reader. In the second instance, you are stating it directly to your intended audience.

You may be sending out your email to thousands of people, but each of your subscribers is reading it one by one. Address them that way.

Remember, you don’t have to write long emails, just short simple emails that provide good value to your readers. Basically, instead of bombarding them with a ton of information all at once, you’re now giving it to them in bite-sized chunks.

Some people will say that they don’t want to bombard their list with too much email and they’ll probably get complaints. Well – maybe some will complain, but you’d be surprised at how happy your list will be to hear from you when you deliver great quality.

Of course, you need to test out the volume of email your list can bear, but if you’re providing great content they won’t complain.

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