Internet Marketing on Twitter – part 1

I am sure you have heard of Twitter,  it is often talked about in the Media usually when a sportsman has made a statement on their Twitter account they later regret or when a celebrity has tweeted about something that has caught the public attention.

Many large Company’s now have twitter accounts as well as all kinds of celebrities and well known figures.

If you don’t know what twitter is and go there for the first time, you will probably be very confused and wonder what kind of site is this and what’s it good for? Most people do have this reaction the first time they visit, so if you’re first visit confuses you, you aren’t alone. It just takes a little time but stick with it  and you’ll soon be a pro.

You will have to become familiar with it and learn how it works before you can harness it’s full power for your business and marketing.

First here are some new terms created when twitter became so popular:

Tweeple: Twitter users
Tweet: A message sent on Twitter
DM: Direct Message (A tweet sent directly to a particular user.)

The first thing you need to do when you go to is to create a free account. Pick a name. It can be your real name, your website’s name, a business name, or whatever you choose.

The second thing you want to do is upload an avatar. Many people are hesitant to follow anyone they don’t know who doesn’t have an avatar.  This can be your real picture, a logo, a stock photo or anything else. 

Just make sure you don’t leave your avatar blank.  When using your real picture, people will feel more comfortable following you back, but you can use any picture you like.

Look out for the next article in this series about internet marketing using Twitter

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