Internet Marketing on Twitter – part 2

When you are using Twitter as part of your internet marketing strategy the first thing you will need to do after you have opened your Twitter account is start following people. If you know anyone who uses twitter, follow them. Then, if you need help finding new people to follow, simply use the search function on twitter and search for people based on keywords.

For example if you are a web site builder type in “web site builder”. If you are a programmer, type in “programmer” or you can type in your towns name to try to find local people.

Another great way to find more followers is once you have a follower or someone you are following, click on their followers. Then start following everyone you are interested in. The majority of these people will follow you back and you can have a lot of new followers in just one day.

And another way to get more followers is to make some kind of quality offer to any new followers such as a report.

Asking your followers to retweet is asking them to repeat your message to their own followers.

The majority of people you follow will follow you back. Some people have their accounts set to automatically follow everyone back. Some people review their new followers to see if they want to follow them back or not.

Make your account so that people will want to follow you back. If you have no avatar and no tweets, then nobody will want to follow you back.

Start making tweets, even if you don’t have any followers yet or just a few. Nobody wants to follow someone who has no tweets at all. They know nothing about you. Introduce yourself to your future followers. Talk about your business, post your website link, ask any questions you may have, and tweet that you are looking for new followers.

Once you’ve gotten several followers and are following them back, start interacting with them with your tweets.

Some use twitter purely to socialize, some use it purely to market, but the best combination is using it to both to market and socialize.

Your followers will see you are a real person and not just some bot programmed to do nothing but paste links.

Make tweets sometimes about what’s going on in your life or what do you did that day and ask questions to your followers. Respond to their tweets, ask them how they are and build a relationship with them. People like when others show interest in them so show interested in your followers.

You will find yourself making new friends and your new friends are more likely to visit your website and purchase from you than complete strangers.

What seems like a silly site that’s hard to understand when you first see it, will turn into a great marketing tool.

If you have enough followers you can get tons of clicks of people viewing your website.

Whenever you make an update to your blog or website, tweet about it, saying “I made a new post about such and such- Read it here”, and link to your site.

If you add new products to your website, new services, or are offering a promotion, tweet about it. For example- All products are 25% off this week only.

Advertise your twitter account to your existing customers and tell them it is a great way to keep up to date with any “special offers”  or “exclusive only” offers you will make available to only them.

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