Using Squidoo in Your Internet Marketing – part 1

Using Squidoo in Your Internet Marketing

Squidoo is a great web 2.0 site that you can use to help market your business. You will find it here – . The beauty of this site is the simplicity of it. While you obviously want your own web site you could start your internet business using Squidoo, although I would not really recommend it as you  would not have 100% control. However it can certainly make a good addition to your marketing efforts

On Squidoo you create “lenses”, they are easy to make and you don’t need to know a thing about computers except how to type and point and click a mouse. That’s one of the best things about Squidoo is that it’s so easy to make a lens which means it’s a super easy marketing tool.

You don’t have to know a thing about web design, you just find the modules you want added and click on them. If you pick a text module, you then just type in whatever you want about your topic and that’s it. Squidoo allows you to market your business with ease. You can make as many lenses as you want to and you could link your lenses together. If for example you had an internet marketing business you can have separate lenses on different aspects of internet marketing such as autoresponders, domain names or hosting with each lens focussing on the individual topic.

You can opt to earn revenue from your lenses by displaying ads from Amazon, Ebay and Google or just promote your own products.

If you have your own web site, Squidoo is a great way to market your business and can be another “string to your marketing bow” as you can create a lens about your business then link it directly to your site.

Squidoo ranks well in Google. For some terms, simple Squidoo lenses turn up in the first page of Google search results.

One way you can use Squidoo lenses is as “warm up” or “squeeze” type pages. You post articles and information about your product or service, tightly focus the lens on one or two keywords, get it ranked for those keywords and then link through to your main site.

Look out for my next article where I will reveal more about Squidoo and how it can help boost your business

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