Using Squidoo In Your Internet Marketing – part 2

Using Squidoo In Your Internet Marketing – part 2

When you sign up to Squidoo you can only have one account per email address but you can make as  many lenses as you want under that one account, so I would suggest you focus each account on a particular niche or business. If you want to start marketing in a different niche you can easily sign up for another Squidoo account with a different email address.

Once you log into Squidoo you will see all the different modules available to you, ranging from “polls”  “guestbook”  “you tube” etc. these modules make it very easy for you to add many different things to your lens, but always bear in mind what your end objective is. Don’t add lots of different modules if they will overwhelm or confuse your readers. Remember what you set the lens up for, was it to act as a “warm up” page to a product? or an introduction to your business ?  what ever it was it should provide clear, useful, helpful advice and information to the reader.

When you are setting up your lens remember to put appropriate keywords in your title, this will help with the ranking. So for example if you are a business that sells tyres to people in Cardiff, you would want to name your lens “discount-tyres-Cardiff” or something similar.

Always add pictures to your lens, it breaks up the page andmakes it much easier to read. Every time you enter a text module to write an article, add a picture to it.

Squidoo has many useful tools, one of which even enables you to link into “twitter” accounts and have tweets posted directly to your lens, so take your time going through what Squidoo has to offer and maximise its benefits. 

If nothing else, lenses you make can be a great source of targeted backlinks.  If you have a website about internet marketing, you can make lenses on particular aspects of internet marketing and  directly link them, using appropriate anchor text, to internal pages on your website which are about the same topic. This will help get better rankings for your site in the search engines and in addition you should get some direct traffic from the people who view the lens.

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