Video Marketing

Videos are great departure from standard text content because they are dynamic and are capable of keeping the attention of Internet surfers with short attention spans.
Videos can be informational, illustrate a process or they might just be pure entertainment. With sites like, video is exploding in popularity. YouTube allows you to reach their millions of visitors. Plus, the site allows others to publish your videos with simple copy and paste code.
Some Ideas:
 How to information.
 Current event commentary, spoofs, etc.
 Inspirational videos.
 Humorous videos.
 Live action video.
 Animation.
 Slide shows.
 Screen capture videos.
Consider these tips when posting videos on YouTube:
• Create a profile that has your business information in it, including your website’s URL.
• Make it reasonably short. People have short attention spans and you want your marketing message to get out there before they lose interest. This advice will apply to most of your video marketing.
• Display your URL/logo on your videos. Make sure the URL is to the left of the screen as YouTube put their logo on the right.
• Become active in the community. You can leave comments on other videos. You can also set up a group or join one that’s frequented by your target market. If you create a group, center it around your target market’s interests, needs or desires.
If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start, consider searching YouTube channels for competitors’ videos. Find out what’s popular and has the most subscribers. Do further research and sort your results by time to see what videos are being viewed and when. Study those videos and determine how you can add value to your own

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